Timberwolves forward Andrew Wiggins is the star of a new Kids Foot Locker x adidas Originals commercial. 

By Rohan Nadkarni
March 17, 2016

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Andrew Wiggins is the star of the latest Kids Foot Locker and adidas Originals commercial. The new gear makes people of all ages, from kids to Wiggins to NBA veterans, look like a pro off the court. That is, of course, as long as their mom approves.

Wiggins was nice enough to answer some questions while filming the commercial earlier this month. Check out what Wiggins had to say, and stick around for the video below.

SI.com: When you were a kid, how important was it for you to have the latest shoes and clothes?

Andrew Wiggins: "Whenever I got it, it was cool. That's a thing you most look forward to as a kid. The newest clothes or the newest shoes. Definitely getting the newest shoes and bragging to your friends about it."

SI: How's the filming experience? How comfortable are you acting?

AW: "I'm pretty comfortable on set. I've done a bunch of these commercials now. You get used to it. The people work with you how you want to be worked with. It's all positive vibes. It's a fun atmosphere, I enjoy it."

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SI: What's it like being on a team with so many young players, being part of that core for the future?

AW: "It's great. We have great vets and we have great young players. It's good to have young guys my age that are on the same journey as me. We have a lot of the same goals and that's a special thing. We're getting better every day and the chemistry is building. I enjoy being part of this masterpiece."

SI: Is there any internal competition at all between the younger players? Does that motivate you guys?

AW: "It's never like that. Obviously during practice there's a competitive nature if you're on opposite teams. You want to win everything you can in practice. In games, it's nothing but love. We always want each other to succeed and get better every game. If someone has a big game, we cheer them on. If me, Zach (LaVine) or Karl (Towns) have a big game and we win, that's what we want. It's all love."


SI: How has having the older guys on the team around helped your career so far?

AW: "It helps us a lot. Guys like [Kevin Garnett], Tayshaun Prince and when we had Andre Miller, they help us a lot. They've been through it all. They're great players and know it all. Every question, whether it's something to do on the court or off the court, they always tell us straight up. They keep it real."

SI: What's surprised you the most about being in the NBA after all the hype that's followed you?

AW: "You could say all the free time I have. All the free time. We practice at like 10:30, were done at 2 and we have the rest of the day to ourselves. That was the biggest thing that got to me."


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