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Throwback Thursday: Charles Barkley Loves Pizza

Are you familiar with the joys of outdoor pizza? Charles Barkley is well versed. The Crossover looks back at the famous photo of the NBA legend.

Here, we find the Chuckster in its natural habitat: alone with a pizza box.

As an NBA rookie, Charles Barkley finally had enough money to eat an entire pizza by himself on a daily basis. After being trapped inside all day, he decides to consume it outside. Perhaps it’s too hot in the house. Perhaps his mother just prodded him to do something.

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Whatever the reason, he figures he’ll take his pie and just sit on his ever-so-slightly elevated doorstep. Forget a walk down the street, or a trip to the park to get some shots up. He’s just gonna do whatever he’s doing inside, outside. He tries to look casual, resting his back against the door frame. He gives a look to the camera as if to say, ‘There, mom. Outside.’ 


The only thing missing from this photo is a rear-projecting television resting on the sidewalk, with an extension cord and 100-ft cable wire plugged in. Why not just go all-out, and bring the living room out front? The doorframe seems uncomfortable.