Throwback Thursday: Birdman Plays Santa

There's no better Santa than Birdman Santa. The Crossover has a little holiday fun and tries to imagine what it was like when Chris Andersen dressed up as Santa back in 2009.
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Editor's note: This is (obviously?) fake. Have some fun. Here's what we hope Birdman Santa was like back in 2009.

Sup bros? Super-stoked for Christmas this year, bro. Got so many toys in my bag for all those good kids around the world. Like, so many. Dropped almost 30 stacks on UFC Fight Pass cards for all the kids out there, bro. Some sick dusters, too. And everyone’s getting Converse. But not the low tops bro, those are whack. I’m talking high tops.

What’s that? My hat? Bro. I don’t need a hat, bro. This is aloe vera-infused hair product, I get it from this third-party seller on Amazon, he’s the only one that will ship up to the North Pole. Plus it goes perfect with my shades. These are Spy Optics, bro. It’s like Oakley only cooler and no one has them. You need to protect your eyes when you’re climbing down chimneys all night. Plus my eyes get real bloodshot, bro. I pound coffees on Christmas like it’s my job, bro. Cuz it is my job. I care about the kids you know? It’s the giving season. It’s not about what you receive, bro. 

But whatever, bro. Vixen, you got that Slayer CD? Pop it in. We gotta deliver some toys.