Throwback Thursday: Turning Up With DJ 'Nique

In honor of Throwback Thursday, The Crossover pays homage to birthday boy Dominique Wilkins (who turns 57 today).
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Before those darn millennials were applying pressure to the side of their smartphone to raise the volume on their bluetooth speaker 25 feet away, Dominique Wilkins had full control of the boombox at the University of Georgia.

We know him as Dominique, and his roommates and teammates (looking at you, Wilmore Fowler) knew him as DJ 'Nique. A little Michael Jackson. Some Blondie. Hell, maybe some freaking Kool and the Gang. Whatever it was on that jukebox, DJ 'Nique was turning it up higher than his vert.

Check out this dorm room, complete with a photo of himself in the top right and a sign for "Durham's Dogs" (I couldn't even figure that one out using Google). Just cool enough that one of those new cans of Coke would blend right in. I've got to be honest, this is worlds cooler than any dorm I've ever been in. Is that a couch that Dominique is on? Does that shelf lift up so you can fit books in there? Are those friends over there in the corner?

This was long ago, but I'm sure the legend that Dominique built on campus is still felt today. Much like the floor is still shaking from his dunks back then.