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Russell Westbrook Triple Double Tracker: The Road To NBA History

Follow along as Thunder star Russell Westbrook tries to becomes the first player to recreate Oscar Robertson's triple double season.
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Russell Westbrook leads the NBA in triple doubles by a fair margin, and he recently passed LeBron James—a walking triple double in his own right—on the career list. And while he still has a long way to go before he can catch Oscar Robertson's all-time mark of 181 triple doubles, Westbrook is threatening to become the second player to average double figures in points, rebounds and assists for a season, like Robertson did in 1961–62. 

The NBA schedule is unforgiving, and because it's hard to stay up on every player's stats at all times, we created a tracker that will provide details on Westbrook's trajectory toward a goal that hasn't been recreated in 55 years.

Below you can count Westbrook's 2016–17 triple doubles in real time, take a deep dive into his overall stats and track his chase of Robertson, thanks to a few handy charts from Graphiq​. 

Russell Westbrook: 'I Was Never Going To Leave'

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Triple Double Tracker

Westbrook's quest for history started on opening week, when he posted 51 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists against the Suns on Oct. 28. Here, you can trace the path the Thunder star has blazed since, leaving hapless defenders and astronomical stat lines in his wake.

Shooting Chart

The "how" portion of Westbrook's magical season is often the most interesting. With Kevin Durant in Golden State, Westbrook's usage rate has reached career levels. With that, we have seen his offensive freedom and field goal attempts rise in 2016–17. A real-time look at every shot Westbrook takes can be seen here, with the most recent game reflected up top and previous performances below. 

Westbrook vs. Robertson

The intrigue surrounding Westbrook's season is warranted. An engaging personality on and off the court, he's trying to complete a feat that only the biggest names in basketball have threatened over the last 50 years. Thus far, Westbrook's stats almost mirror Robertson's from 1961–62.

Triple Double Leaders

Westbrook isn't alone. James Harden, LeBron James and even Julius Randle have posted multiple triple doubles this season. A deep well of players have posted triple doubles and the list will only get longer. 

All-Time Leaders

Before Westbrook decided to wage an assault on the NBA's history books, the conversation around triple doubles focused on the all-time list. Names like Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd and, eventually, LeBron James were mentioned in that context. While that discussion has changed, Westbrook still has a steep climb before he reaches Kidd, Johnson or Robertson in the career category.