• In honor of Throwback Thursday, The Crossover pays homage to Al Horford, a very, very serious ping pong player.
By Kenny Ducey
January 19, 2017

You call it ping pong, Al Horford calls it table tennis. You play "sucker serve," Al Horford plays Olympic rules.  You call this a game, Al Horford calls this a competitive sport.

Wouldn't you just hate seeing this dude show up at the poolhouse one day? Massive 6'10" jacked guy wearing an Atlanta Hawks jumpsuit (well, back when this was taken at least) and carrying a table tennis duffle bag. He proceeds to break out three different paddles, a water bottle, a towel, a goddam leveler to make sure the table is up to his specifications and, of course, a rulebook so you can't tell him he's wrong. He'll then say something friendly like, "wait, is that seriously your paddle?"


No mercy at 7–0, no. Al is taking you three sets. You’re lucky if you win three points against the guy. He's been training since he was seven. Actually made his own paddle with his dad once. He'll tell you all about it over a postgame protein shake.

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