NBA Social Rankings: LeBron James Got Kendrick's Album Before Us

This week's NBA Social Rankings is led by LeBron James, who got to listen to Kendrick Lamar's album well before the rest of us.
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Welcome back to The Crossover’s weekly social media power rankings, where we determine who won the week off the court. This week, LeBron gets the Kendrick Lamar album before all of us, Tony Romo plays basketball and Moe Harkless makes $500,000 with a perfectly-played game. We’ll rank performances from best to worst. Here’s how the week shook out:

1. LeBron James

Really tough to put anyone over LeBron here, simply because the reaction to his long Instagram story was so strong. Kendrick Lamar apparently sent him his entire album early, and not only did he show it off on Instagram to make us all mad, he actually memorized the lyrics! He tried really hard to make us all mad, you have to respect it.

2. Moe Harkless

Mo' Money, Moe Problems from nba

His three-point percentage was so marginally above the 35% required to make his performance bonus that he actually didn’t attempt any threes at all in his final game of the season. Bravo!

Dinner’s on him.

3. Hassan Whiteside

This cat filter has got to go.

4. Steph Curry

Kevin Durant’s biggest fan is very excited for his return! Oh, wait, it’s just Steph.

5. Tony Romo

Who knew Tony Romo could hoop?

6. DeMarcus Cousins

You’re damn right, LaVar Ball is a legend.

7. Klay Thompson

Leandro and Klay taking a nice pic- wait Klay your coffee from nba

That coffee is too scared of Klay to dare falling out of the mug it’s in.

8. Ben Simmons

Could you imagine Jah & Ben & JoJo swatting little kids together? We’re getting closer…

9. Nick Young


10. Houston Rockets

I have no idea what the hell this is but I feel like it warrants a spot in the rankings.