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NBA draft order 2017: Full lottery odds, pick sequence

Full lottery order for the 2017 NBA draft.
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The NBA officially broke draft ties on Tuesday, meaning the odds for the 2017 draft lottery are set, in addition to the order of the rest of the draft.

Five ties between teams with identical records were broken on Tuesday, with the Timberwolves and Knicks the only tie in the lottery, and the other teams all further down in the draft. The Timberwolves won the tiebreaker, giving Minnesota an edge over the Knicks at pick No. 6 should neither move into the top three on lottery night.

Ties between Portland and Chicago (picks 15 and 16), Milwaukee and Indiana (Picks 17 and 18), Memphis (to Portland) and Atlanta (picks 20 and 21) and a four-way tie between the Clippers, Cavs, Jazz and Raptors (picks 23–26) were also broken in the first round.

The Brooklyn Nets hold the best odds of winning the No. 1 pick, with the Celtics holding swap rights to that selection and set to switch picks.

Lottery Odds (percent chance of winning the top pick in parentheses)

1. Boston (via Brooklyn), (25%)
2. Phoenix (19.9%)
3. L.A. Lakers (15.6%)
4. Philadelphia (11.9%)
5. Orlando (8.8%)
6. Minnesota (5.3%)
7. New York (5.3%)
8. Sacramento (2.8%)
9. Dallas (1.7%)
10. Sacramento (via New Orleans, top-three protected), (1.1%)
11. Charlotte (0.8%)
12. Detroit (0.7%)
13. Denver (0.6%)
14. Miami (0.5%)

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If the L.A. Lakers fall outside the top three, their pick is conveyed to Philadelphia. Philadelphia holds swap rights on Sacramento’s pick. If Sacramento’s pick falls outside the Top 10, it goes to Chicago and the Kings keep pick No. 38 instead.

The order of picks 15–60 is as follows.

First Round
15. Portland
16. Chicago
17. Milwaukee
18. Indiana
19. Atlanta
20. Portland (via Memphis, via Denver and Cleveland)
21. Oklahoma City
22. Brooklyn (via Washington)
23. Toronto (via LA Clippers, via Milwaukee)
24. Utah
25. Orlando (via Toronto)
26. Portland (via Cleveland)
27. Brooklyn (swap with Boston)
28. L.A. Lakers (via Houston)
29. San Antonio
30. Utah (via Golden State)

Second Round

31. Atlanta (via Brooklyn)
32. Phoenix
33. Orlando (via L.A. Lakers)*
34. Sacramento (via Philadelphia, via New Orleans)
35. Orlando
36. Philadelphia (via New York, via Utah and Toronto)**
37. Boston (via Minnesota, via Phoenix)**
38. Chicago (via Sacramento)
39. Philadelphia (via Dallas)
40. New Orleans
41. Charlotte
42. Utah (via Detroit)
43. Houston (via Denver)
44. New York (via Chicago)
45. Houston (via Portland)
46. Philadelphia (via Miami, via Atlanta)
47. Indiana
48. Milwaukee
49. Denver (via Memphis, via Oklahoma City)
50. Philadelphia (via Atlanta)
51. Denver (via Oklahoma City)
52. Washington
53. Boston (via Cleveland) 
54. Phoenix (via Toronto)
55. Utah
56. Boston (via LA Clippers)
57. Brooklyn (via Boston)
58. New York (via Houston)
59. San Antonio
60. Atlanta (via Golden State)

Pick 33 conveys to Orlando only if the Lakers draft inside the top three this year. If L.A. falls outside and conveys their first-rounder to Philly, then their 2019 first-rounder goals to Orlando and the Lakers keep this selection.

**Picks 36 and 37 will be determined depending on where Minnesota and New York fall on lottery night. If Minnesota picks ahead of New York in the first round, then New York’s second rounder will fall ahead of Minnesota’s.