Paul George on free agency: 'I ain't even at that point yet...Next question'

Paul George isn't thinking about free agency yet.
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Indiana Pacers star Paul George isn't thinking about his upcoming NBA free agency, he told reporters in the postgame press conference after his team was swept by the Cavs in the first round.

A reporter asked, "Do you want to stay in Indiana?" and whether his All-NBA team situation will have an impact on his decision. 

"I ain't even at that point yet, Bob," George said. "Next question."

Watch George's answer below:

If George gets a nod from the media voters for the All-NBA team selection, he would be eligible for a big pay raise. An All-NBA selection would make George eligible for a contract extension worth upward of $200 million, which is around $70 million more than he otherwise could receive, with the exact numbers depending on the NBA salary cap.

George finished Game 4 shooting 5-for-21 with 15 points, seven rebounds and six assists.