Report: Heat, Chris Bosh to part ways after contract resolution

Chris Bosh could be one step closer to a comeback.
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Miami Heat star Chris Bosh is nearing an agreement with the team resolving the two sides’ dispute over Bosh’s contract, the Sun Sentinel reports. reported that the agreement would allow both parties to move on. 

Bosh’s health situation stemming from blood clots that have kept him off the court dating back to the 2015-16 season led to an impasse with the Heat, who have had designs on shedding Bosh’s salary from their cap number and as a result, incentive to prevent him from returning to basketball activity.

Bosh failed a preseason physical and sat out the entire 2016-17 season, but has maintained that he intends to make a comeback.

With the new CBA going into effect July 1, the Heat, Bosh and the National Basketball Players Association have reportedly come close on an agreement that would not force Miami to pay Bosh’s remaining salary (there is $52.1 million left on his contract, which runs through the 2018-19 season).

Whereas the current CBA (which expires June 30) would have the Heat pay the rest of his contract if he returns to the league, the new CBA stipulates that were a medical panel to deem Bosh physically unfit to continue his career, the Heat would not be at risk of taking on that financial obligation.

This agreement, according to the Sun Sentinel​, is a one-time deal given the transition from one set of rules to another.

The Heat would then enter the draft and off-season with certainty about their cap number going forward. It also serves to eliminate any risk incurred by letting Bosh seek employment elsewhere, should he be allowed to play. The rest of his deal would be covered by insurance.

Bosh, 33, is an 11-time All-Star and won titles with the Heat in 2012 and 2013.