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LeBron James’s Los Angeles home vandalized with racial slur

The front gate at LeBron James’ home in Los Angeles was vandalized with a racial slur, according to police.

A racial slur was found spray-painted onto the front gate of LeBron James’ Los Angeles home on Wednesday morning, the Los Angeles Police Department said Wednesday. 

An unknown vandal scrawled the N–word onto James’ gate, according to NBC 4. It was painted over on Wednesday morning after police were informed.

Detectives have yet to identify a suspect and an investigation is ongoing. James has reportedly owned the home since 2015, but does not spend time there on a regular basis.

James responded to the incident in a press conference on Wednesday. 

News of the apparent hate crime comes one day before the start of the 2017 Finals, when James’ Cleveland Cavaliers will take on the Golden State Warriors for the third straight year. Accordingly, James is currently in the Bay Area and was not at home at the time of the incident.