Jerry West said he thinks LaVar Ball puts "added pressure" on Lonzo, but that he wouldn't let a player's father influence a draft decision. 

By Stanley Kay
June 01, 2017

The NBA Finals begin Thursday night, but if you thought the basketball world is entirely focused on Cavs–Warriors III, then I have two words for you: LaVar Ball. 

Jerry West went on The Dan Patrick Show on Thursday, probably expecting to answer some questions about the Finals and what not. But he was also asked about the world's most famous basketball dad. 

Patrick asked West if he would have any "trepidation" about selecting UCLA star Lonzo Ball in this year's draft because of his father's antics. (West is a special advisor for the Warriors, though Ball will be long off the board by time the Warriors make their first pick.) 

“I really don’t want to get into that. Frankly, I don’t even like to talk about his dad. I’d rather talk about the kid,” West said. “His dad, to me—I wouldn’t want a father like that, to be honest with you. Because I think he puts added pressure on his kid. You know he loves his kid, OK—you know that. But it should be about his kids, not about him.”

West later added that he wouldn't let a player's father influence a draft decision.

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Watch West's full interview below. His comments about Ball start around the 7:10 mark.

Lonzo Ball is expected to be one of the top picks in this month's NBA draft, with a number of experts (LaVar included) expecting the Lakers to grab him with the No. 2 pick.

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