What took place in the talks between LaVar Ball and Nike?

By Chris Chavez
June 05, 2017

Reports surfaced in late April that Nike, Under Armour and Adidas were not interested in NBA prospect Lonzo Ball. His outspoken father, LaVar, represented the UCLA star in most of the meetings with potential sponsors.

In a new video with Complex, LaVar Ball explains how the meetings went down with the Swoosh.

"This is what's happening with them, they weren't ready for this change. Every meeting was with a guy who wanted to endorse. That's the wrong guy for our meetings. We want co-branding. I need them VPs and CEOs – just like I am. I'm meeting with the wrong people so I'm sending them back and saying 'I don't want no endorsement deal.' That's where everyone was getting, 'Oh, LaVar wants a billion dollar endorsement deal!' I never said I wanted an endorsement deal. You guys endorse. I'm co-branding. Those Triple B's will be on the shoe."

Watch the Balls go sneaker shopping:

In April, Nike consultant George Raveling also said LaVar Ball is "the worst thing to happen to basketball in the last hundred years."

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