Life just keeps getting better for Kevin Durant. 

By Dan Gartland
June 14, 2017

Kevin Durant is having a hell of a week. Not only did he win his first NBA championship and take home Finals MVP honors, he got a congratulatory message from Barack Obama. 

Durant was a guest on Bill Simmons’s podcast and was asked who his most unexpected text came from after the Finals. Obama, Durant answered. (Listen here at the 43:35 mark.)

Well, the message didn’t come straight from Obama himself (maybe KD needs a couple more championships before he gets Obama’s number) but Obama “sent a text through somebody to get to” Durant. 

Simmons then asked Durant what Obama said. 

“‘Congrats. Your defense was really good,’ which was random … and he told me to enjoy it, have some fun, typical stuff. I wasn’t expecting that.”

Defense? He singled out defense? In a series where Durant’s lowest-scoring game was 31 points, Obama liked his defense? I guess that just goes to show Barry O could watch these games a little more closely than he did over the last eight years. 

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