Kenyon Martin rips Joakim Noah: ‘Boy can't hit his ass with both hands’

“Boy can’t hit his ass with both hands. ... That boy sucks.”
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Add Kenyon Martin to the growing list of people who think Phil Jackson is doing a terrible job running the Knicks. 

Martin joined Ebro and Peter Rosenberg on Hot 97 in New York recently and didn’t hold back in his criticism of Jackson. He saved his harshest comments for maligned Knicks center Joakim Noah, though.  

“He’s respected as a coach. Things that make you a good player doesn’t mean that you know how to coach, and the things that make you a good coach doesn’t mean you’re going to be a good GM or president,” Martin said. “You know the game, you can get gets to play a certain way, but picking talent? That ain’t his strong suit, as you can tell. The man gave Joakim Noah $70 million. Boy can’t hit his ass with both hands. ... That boy sucks.”

Martin said he thinks Noah was a better player with the Bulls because “they put him in position to succeed” and opponents gave him too much credit on the offensive end. Speaking of offense, K-Mart was quick to bring up one viral example of Noah’s shortcomings. 

“Listen, that man shot a free throw—look it up,” Martin said. “And the face he made? I’ve never shot a ball and made that face. I’ve been playing basketball for a long time.”

Martin’s biggest gripe seemed to be with Noah’s four-year, $72 million contract he signed last summer. Noah is only worth “the league minimum, that’s his skill set,” Martin said. “I’ll play him for his contract. Play him for his contract. Right now, off the couch.”

While Martin did spend two seasons with the Knicks, Jackson wasn’t hired until March 2014, just before the end of Martin’s time in New York. The 39-year-old is playing in the Big3 league right now, so we know he’s in shape if Noah wants to take Martin up on his challenge.