Spike Lee reacts to Phil Jackson's Knicks departure: 'HALLELUJAH'

New York Knicks superfan Spike Lee rejoiced at the news of Phil Jackson's departure from the team.
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The New York Knicks announced Wednesday morning that team president Phil Jackson has been terminated from his role with the club after three years, and Knicks fans everywhere promptly rejoiced. Leading the charge was film director and superfan Spike Lee.

Lee took to Instagram right as rumors of the personnel move surfaced with a succinct message: “HALLELUJAH.”

It's been a futile three years for the franchise (an 80-166 record is not a good look), and Jackson has spent the past weeks at the center of a media blitz of negative reports. Ultimately, this move only seemed to be getting more and more inevitable.

And Lee was certainly not in the minority. Other people took to Twitter with their reactions to the news. Here's a look:

The Knicks Finally Give Up On Phil Jackson

Now the Knicks have to move forward—otherwise, don't expect the Twitter celebrations to last very long.