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Every NBA Jersey Sponsor

NBA teams continue to unveil their new jersey sponsors.

You may have heard by now that the NBA has allowed teams to sell jersey sponsorships, with patches placed on the left shoulder of uniforms going into next season. You also probably know that Nike has inherited the league’s apparel rights from Adidas.

The move will increase annual revenue for teams at the expense of a slight aesthetic pock-mark. The NBA has taken a minimalist approach in most cases, as opposed to teams in Europe, where jersey sponsors have long been commonplace across sports, including soccer, the continent’s highest-profile sport. All initial NBA jersey sponsorship deals will run three years.

Nike will give each team four jersey variants, expanding on the traditional home and road concepts and leaving room for creative looks.

Below is a list of the NBA teams and their sponsorships that have already been announced.

76ers: Stubhub

Bucks: Harley-Davidson

Cavaliers: Goodyear

Celtics: General Electric

Jazz: Qualtrics (5 for the Fight charity)

Kings: Blue Diamond Almonds

Magic: Disney

Nets: Infor

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Pistons: Flagstar Bank

Raptors: Sun Life

Timberwolves: Fitbit

Nuggets: Western Union

Hawks: Sharecare

Warriors: Rakuten

Lakers: Wish

Heat: Ultimate Software

Pelicans: Zatarain's

Hornets: Lending Tree