Draymond Green Laughed in Kevin Durant's Face After Social Media Snafu

Would you expect anything else from Dray?
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By now, you're familiar with the weird situation that Kevin Durant has gotten himself in. He tweeted criticism of his old coach, Billy Donovan, and said the rosters he played with in Oklahoma City weren't good enough to win a championship. 

That was bad enough—it's a terrible look to talk trash about your old team, especially on Twitter—but Durant has compounded the issue by making statements that betray a self-consciousness atypical of a reigning Finals MVP. 

Kevin Durant's Twitter Antics Prove His Critics Right

The prevailing reaction to Durant's antics has been one of sadness; it's clear he cares deeply about what people think, and a lot of people don't think too highly of him. Draymond Green, however, thought this was pretty damn funny. At the Warriors' media day, Green said he straight up laughed in Durant's face after the whole ordeal. 

"I talked to him through text the day of, Green said. "And then the next day I saw him in person and laughed in his face. I got a good laugh at it. It’s pretty funny to me. I reminded him of my mishap at USA basketball. The day my mishap happened, I was stressed out and I remember them laughing at my face, from him to DeMarcus [Cousins] was probably the worst. And the beat goes on. They laughed in my face, so this is a little payback. And it felt pretty damn good."

Traina Thoughts: Kevin Durant's Social Media Life Is About To Get Much Worse

The "mishap" Green is referring to is when he literally posted a picture of his hooha to his Snapchat story. Not exactly apples to apples with Durant's situation, but yeah sure, get your revenge, Dray.