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Will LeBron James Take a Shot at Politics Post NBA Career?

LeBron James has been one of the most vocal sports leaders when it comes to talking about some of the countries biggest issues but will he ever venture out into politics when his playing days are over?

LeBron James set the Twitter world ablaze on Saturday morning when he called Donald Trump a bum for going after Stephen Curry. LeBron has been without a doubt one of the most vocal athletes when it comes to issues outside the NBA and is not afraid to share his voice on topics such as the Trump presidency, Colin Kaepernick and much more.

In the latest edition of the Open Floor Podcast, Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver discussed LeBron's tweet about Trump and offered their opinions on if LeBron would make a great politician after his NBA career. 

(This transcript has been edited and condensed for clarity.)

Will LeBron Go Into Politics After Basketball?

Andrew Sharp: I think LeBron is never going into politics and would not be that great at politics but I've never loved LeBron more than I did on Saturday at around 11 a.m. east coast time when he checked in out of nowhere with the haymaker to Donald Trump. It made me look down at my phone, I was driving at the time and I was like "Goddamn LeBron". So what do you think? Do you think he is going into politics?

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Ben Golliver: Well I had an interesting experience with that to because I was in the middle of doing five different things and I saw it and when I read it I thought he was calling Stephen Curry a bum and I was like oh no my day is ruined, now I have to write about LeBron taking shots at Steph, here we go. Then I read the rest of the tweet and I was like wow. That took such a turn from where I thought it was going.

I don't know about this whole LeBron politics thing, I think he's way too smart for that. I think it takes a certain type person to get into politics and I'm not sure he got that personality.

I think you could say that LeBron constantly needs positive reinforcement but I don't think it is quite in the same way as politicians seem to.

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AS: If we are looking at the banana boat, I think LeBron and Melo are not headed into politics but D-Wade and Chris Paul both have the combination of charm and ruthlessness that would make for great politicians. So I would bet on CP3 going into politics before LeBron ever even considers it.

Listen to the entire podcast here.