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Watch: Draymond Green And Bradley Beal Get Ejected After Fighting

Bradley Beal decided he had enough of Draymond Green Friday.

Late in the first half of Friday's game between the Warriors and the Wizards, Draymond Green and Bradley Beal ended up in a scrum that led to both players getting ejected.

While battling for a rebound with less than a minute left in the second quarter, Beal hit Green in the face from behind, causing Green to turn around and wrap up Beal.

Punches were not thrown, but the two players grappled each other to the ground causing refs and teammates to have to separate them on the baseline.

Green already had a technical foul from earlier in the quarter after arguing with an official over an offensive foul.

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After the altercation, Green's jersey was ripped.

The Wizards lead the Warriors on the road 67-53 at the half.