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LeBron James Buys Second Los Angeles Home for $23 Million

LeBron’s new house in Brentwood cost $23 million. Coincidence?

Don’t expect those whispers about LeBron James joining the Lakers this summer to die down any time soon. 

LeBron has purchased a second mansion in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Brentwood, according to the Los Angeles Timesat the auspicious price of $23 million. 

The house is a newly built 15,846-square-foot behemoth with eight bedrooms, nine and a half bathrooms, elevator, home theater, spa, heated patio and more amenities. There’s also a wine cellar, which was probably a requirement, considering how much LeBron loves wine. (You can see a bunch of photos of the house here.)

James bought another house in Brentwood in 2015, a relative bargain at just a shade under $21 million. That house was 9,350 square-feet, with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. During the last NBA Finals, James revealed that someone had painted the N-word on the house’s front gate

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LeBron is set to hit free agency yet again this summer and much of the speculation on his next landing spot has focused on the Lakers. Upgrading his L.A. digs will only add fuel to the fire.