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Here's What LeBron Said to Lonzo Ball After Last Night's Cavs—Lakers Game

LeBron tried to cover his mouth so the media couldn't see what he was saying, but a courtside mic picked up some of the conversation. 

LeBron James took a moment to impart some widom on Lonzo Ball after the Cavs' 121-112 win over the Lakers on Sunday. Because the never ending LeBron-to-L.A. rumor has picked up steam in recent months, with the Lakers' young core showing promise and LeBron's purchase of another home in Los Angeles' upscale Brentwood neighborhood, this conversation was particularly interesting to the NBA sphere. 

With that knowledge, LeBron covered his mouth so that no one could see what he was saying to the rookie. He even said after the game that what he and Ball discussed is none of the media's business. But the media are inescapable, and a courtisde mic picked up a part of what the four-time MVP had to say. 

"Find your zone and just stay f---ing locked in," James said, per r/NBA. "The media is going to ask you what I told you right now but so what. Just be aggressive every single's white noise. That's all it is. Alright?"

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Why LeBron opted to have a conversation he wanted to remain private on the court right after a nationally televised game is anyone's guest. Why not wait until after the game, in the locker rooms, or a good old fashioned phone call?

Anyways, sorry Laker fans, there is nothing in there to suggest that James is considering a move to L.A. Carry on.