LaVar Ball Will Serve As BC Vytautas Head Coach In BBB Showcase Finale

Nobody can coach the Ball boys like LaVar, right?
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LaVar Ball will act as the head coach of BC Vytautas in the finale of the BBB Showcase Sunday, the team announced.

Ball served as an assistant coach for BC Vytautas in Tuesday's game, a 147-142 win over Alytaus Dzukija in which his sons LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball combined to score 80 points.

LiAngelo had 37 points and 10 rebounds while LaMelo had 43 and seven rebounds in a game where the two got to play the up-tempo style their father had them run as their AAU coach.

Like the previous BBB Showcase games, you can watch the action on Facebook Live through Ballislife Weekly Basketball Showcase.

Will a big win Sunday lead to LaVar getting more coaching opportunities with BC Vytautas? Although it certainly seems unlikely, who knows to what extent the team will go to highlight the Ball family to help generate more interest and fanfare around upcoming games.

[h/t theScore]