Blake Griffin’s Smart 2016 Stand-Up Joke About Trades Is Too Real Now

Blake Griffin probably never expected this joke would apply to him. 
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NBA fans are obviously curious about the basketball implications of Monday’s blockbuster Blake Griffin trade, but what impact will it have on Griffin’s off-court hobbies?

Playing and living in Los Angeles allowed Griffin to try his hand at acting and comedy, and he proved to be a natural. For example, Griffin did a pretty solid stand-up set at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal in August 2016.

The performance was about six weeks after the Canadiens traded Montreal fan favorite P.K. Subban to the Predators, so Griffin made a pretty clever joke wondering what it would be like if there were trades in romantic relationships. 

(There’s some NSFW language in the clip.)

You should have pushed for a no-trade clause in your new contract, Blake.