Watch: Refs Forget to Give Kent Bazemore Final Free Throw After Getting Fouled Shooting a Three

Kent Bazemore got fouled shooting a three, but the refs forgot to give him his third free throw at first.
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Officials were forced to stop play and take a basket off the board during the Knicks-Hawks game Sunday when the crew forgot to let Atlanta's Kent Bazemore take all of his free throws after getting fouled on a three-pointer.

With just under four minutes left in the game and Atlanta trailing 89-86, Bazemore was fouled while shooting a three. He went to the line for three shots, but apparently, everybody forgot that's how many he was supposed to get.

Bazemore missed the first two attempts, and after the second miss, the Knicks rebounded the ball as if play was live. Both teams kept playing, and Tim Hardaway Jr. got fouled while making a shot that would have extended New York's lead.

However, after a few moments without realizing the error, officials stopped play, and took Hardaway's points off the board, and reset the clock to three minutes and 49 seconds, the time it read when Bazemore was fouled.

Bazemore made his final free throw attempt and the Knicks did not score on their next possession.

Check out video of Hardaway's bucket and when officials awarded Bazemore his final free throw below.

Atlanta would go on to win the game 99-96.