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Watch: Derrick Rose Shooting In An Empty Gym at Cleveland State Feels Like a New Low

This is not the Derrick Rose I will choose to remember. 

Derrick Rose's heyday–when he inspired the entire city of Chicago, when he won league MVP in the middle of LeBron's greatness, when he prompted Stacey King to scream "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, DRAGIC?"—those days feel like a lifetime ago. 

Rose's career arc has turned into one of sports' most tantalizing what ifs. The guy who was going to be the face of the Bulls—heck, one of the faces' of the entire NBA—has had his prime years stolen from him by a body that just won't stay healthy.

There have been a number of moments that have felt like new lows. When he was traded from the Bulls, his team for years, to the Knicks comes to mind. So does his depressing tenure with the Cavaliers earlier this season. When he was waived by the Jazz after being included as a throw-in in the Rodney Hood trade, that sucked too. But this? This is the worst of them all. 

D-Rose—Derrick Rose!—appears to be shooting in an empty gym at Cleveland State University. No fanfare, no crowds, just an Average Joe rebounding his six-foot jumpers. Hundreds of people used to line up to watch this guy play pick-up ball. 

This is not the Derrick Rose I will chose to remember.