Report: NBA Discussing Postseason Play-in Tournament

The NBA is reportedly considering a postseason play-in tournament
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The NBA has been discussing possibly changing the playoff format, with teams that are on the fringe of postseason qualification batting it out to determine seeding, reports's Zach Lowe.

These changes are nowhere near being implemented, but there have been talks concerning the subject.

According to the report, the format that has gotten the most traction is having two four-team tournaments.

It would feature the seventh through 10th seeds in each conference, with the seventh seed hosting the eighth seed and the ninth seed hosting the 10th seed.

The winner of the 7–8 matchup would automatically get the seventh seed. The winner of the 9–10 game would take on the loser of the 7–8 matchup, with the victor nabbing the 8th seed.

There are other proposals that could be considering but none that would get approval because it would complicate things like the draft order.

Any changes to the playoff format would have to be collectively bargained with approval from the league's owners.