Jimmy Butler Willing to Play Lou Williams 1-on-1 For $100K After All-Star Tweet

Butler was asked what he thought about Lou Williams' "u serious bruh? Lol" tweet after Butler didn't play in the All-Star Game.
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Lou Williams was pretty public about his disappointment with not making the All-Star team. When the All-Star reserves were released, he tweeted "Lol." Then when Timberwolves guard Jimmy Butler didn't play a single minute in the All-Star Game to rest, Williams tweeted "u serious bruh? Lol" at Butler. 

Williams might have a point. The 31-year-old Clippers sixth man is having arguably the best season of his career, averaging 23.1 points and 5.4 assists entering Friday night, and he's a big reason the Clippers have hung around in the playoff picture despite trading away Chris Paul before the season and Blake Griffin before the deadline. 

Butler, however, doesn't seem to have appreciated Lou-Will's call out. ESPN's Cassidy Hubbarth spoke to Butler about both his decision to rest and about his reaction to Williams' tweet. Here's what she had to say about the chat. 

"He told me 'Look. I'm the one who has to guard James Harden for 40 minutes. And I know the fans are upset, but they need to understand it's a long grind of the season. And I'm not trying to cut my minutes, but when I have the opportunity to take a break, I will. 

And when I asked him his reaction to Lou Williams...Jimmy told me, 'My thing is this. To Lou and whoever else thinks they're an All-Star. With all due respect, LeBron and them got $100,000 for winning. So if you got $100k to put up, and we play one another—you guard me, I guard you—I'm gonna show you why. All this talk? Put $100,000 up and I'll show you why, and where I'm at.'"

Couple things to unpack here. First of all, if there was any doubt as to whether the $100,000 prize for winning the All-Star game matters to these players, many of whom make more than $20 million per season, we can put that to bed. Of course it does! It's $100,000! It seems like a big reason Butler didn't give up his place on the team, even though he knew he wasn't going to play, was to try and collect that cash. Can't blame him. 

Second of all, while it's highly unlikely, this would be incredible television. A one-on-one matchup between one of the best iso players in the league in Williams and one of the best perimeter defenders is awesome enough on its own right, but when you add in the personal aspect? That's quality pay-per-view content.