Watch: Russell Westbrook Calls Out Zaza Pachulia for Being a Dirty Player

This isn't the first time Zaza Pachulia has found himself in the spotlight for his "intentional/not intentional" style of play.
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Russell Westbrook has had enough of Zaza Pachulia and called him out Saturday for being a dirty player after Pachulia appeared to intentionally fall on Westbrook during the Warriors–Thunder game.

When asked if he thought was Pachulia a dirty player, Westbrook said "Yeah. For sure." He was not happy and also said this about the fall: "Obviously it was intentional."

This all started after Westbrook missed a shot and there was a battle for the rebound. Nick Young and Westbrook got tangled and fell in the process. But then Pachulia got involved, causing a lot of questions and post-game debate. 

See the play for yourself:

Pachulia said he no comment on Westbrook's claim, per ESPN's Chris Haynes: "That's childish. Come on. I'm not responding to that."

Paul George agreed with Westbrook saying, "He aimed where he was going to fall. That's Zaza making a Zaza play."

The Celtics' Kyrie Irving also weighed in through an Instagram comment, calling it "ridiculous."

This isn't the first time Pachulia has found himself in the spotlight for his "intentional/not intentional" style of play. In May, he was accused of not giving Kawhi Leonard space to land, which added to his ankle injury.

Leonard told reporters at the time he hadn't thought it was "on purpose," though Spurs coach Gregg Popovich later said it was "unsportsmanlike" regardless of his intent."

The Warriors beat the Thunder 112–80, but players are likely leaving this game more concerned about this specific play and hoping the league will take a look at this.