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Steve Kerr Wants the NCAA to Let Undrafted Players Return to College

Steve Kerr wants to see changes to the NCAA's rule on undrafted players.

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr believes that players who are undrafted should be allowed to return to the NCAA, according to ESPN.

The current rules state that an underclassman who declares for the NBA draft and signs with an agent can not go back to the NCAA system. Rules were relaxed recently where college players can declare for the draft and maintain their eligibility if they do not sign with an agent and withdraw by a specific date. 

"Don't keep this ruse going," Kerr said. "We all know what's going on. Let's do what's best for the kid and give them some options, and work together between the NBA and NCAA to find the right system. I think it's entirely doable if you people just open their eyes."

"One of the things the NCAA needs to look at is, if a kid signs with an agent and he doesn't get drafted, welcome him back," he added. "Why not? What's the harm? We talk about amateurism and all this stuff, but if you're truly trying to do what's right for the kid, and the kid declares for the draft and doesn't get drafted, you know what? Welcome him back. Do something good for the kids."

This all comes in the wake of an FBI investigation into corruption in college basketball. On Monday, ESPN reported that the NBA is looking to get more involved with elite high school basketball players for a possible alternate path to the NBA including changing the rule that a player must be 19 years old or a year out of high school to be drafted.