LeBron James, Maverick Carter Being Sued for Allegedly Stealing Barbershop Talk Show Idea

Adventure Enterprises claims it pitched  a television show to LeBron James about celebrities talking business while getting haircuts.
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LeBron James and business partner Maverick Carter are being sued by Adventure Enterprises for allegedly taking the company's idea for a barbershop talk show series, according to TMZ.

According to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Adventure Enterprises claims it pitched a show to James called "Shop Talk," in which celebrities would discuss their success stories while getting a haircut, and the company had talks with James' Uninterrupted over the course of two years trying to come up with a strategy to pitch the show to television networks.

The lawsuit claims James took Adventure Enterprises out of the equation when he created "The Shop," according to TMZ. The lawsuit says Adventure Enterprises confronted James' people on the matter, and were told it was a one-time issue, but it happened again with a segment that was aired on ESPN, according to TMZ.

According to TMZ, Adventure Enterprises is seeking an injunction to stop James and his company from producing any more episodes in addition to financial compensation. A source close to James and Carter told TMZ the lawsuit is, "totally frivolous and publicity seeking."

Earlier this month, representatives for the Uninterrupted reportedly sent a notice to Alabama, claiming its new series "Shop Talk," infringed upon the copyright for "The Shop."