The NBA world has been mourning the loss of Erin Popovich, the wife of Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, since the team announced she died Wednesday.

While many players and coaches expressed their condolences on social media after learning of the news, some were made aware of the tragedy while in interviews.

TNT sideline reporter Allie LaForce told LeBron James of the news during their postgame interview shortly after he posted 46 points and 12 rebounds to help his Cavaliers tie their series against the Pacers at 1-1. The Athletic's Richard Deitsch reported LaForce gave James a warning before asking the question, and TNT's Ernie Johnson confirmed that LaForce gave James a heads up prior to the televised interview. James, who has faced Popovich three times in the NBA Finals so far throughout his career, took a moment to collect his thoughts and then offered up an emotional response.

Watch a portion of LeBron's interview with LaForce below.

James also took time after leaving the arena to offer additional thoughts on the terrible tragedy, and make sure it was clear that LaForce did not blindside him with her question.

The members of TNT's Inside the NBA crew also offered up their support to the Popovich family.

Kevin Durant, who is facing Popovich and the Spurs Thursday in San Antonio for Game 3 of their first-round series, was also alerted of the news during an interview, and offered his condolences as well after taking a moment to process it.

The circumstances around Mrs. Popovich's death were not announced.