Indianapolis Mayor Outlaws Goaltending Before Pacers–Cavaliers Game 6

The mayor of Indianapolis won't stand for the injustice that is goaltending, so he outlawed it completely ahead of Game 6 on Friday. 
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In a Last Two-Minute report, the NBA admitted that the Cavaliers' LeBron James' block on the Pacers' Victor Oladipo in Game 5 with three seconds left was actually a goaltend.

The report determined that the ball should not have gone to the Pacers in the first place. What followed was James winning the game 98–95 on the other side of the court with a three-point buzzer beater

The mayor of Indianapolis will not stand for that injustice so he decided to outlaw goaltending completely ahead of Game 6 on Friday. 

Joe Hogsett's executive order has the "full force of law in the city of Indianapolis." It also applies to "every player ... on every team." 

The law at work, people. 

The Cavs lead the series 3–2.