Drew Bledsoe and Terry Rozier finally met ahead of the Celtics second-round playoff Game 5 matchup against the 76ers on Wednesday. 

Now why is one Boston athlete meeting another Boston athlete such a big deal when famous people meet other famous people all the time?

Well it goes back to a good ole' NBA beef. 

Rozier had Eric Bledsoe’s number in the first round against the Bucks, harassing him on defense and punishing him on offense. After the first game of the series, Rozier inadvertently referred to Bledsoe as "Drew" — as in the former NFL quarterback — and Bledsoe responded after Game 2 by saying he didn’t even know who Rozier was. 

Well they kept it going for a little longer after the series ended, but what matters now is this. 

Bledsoe watched the game and had a great time cheering for Boston.

This is the Hollywood ending the feud needed. But as NBA feuds tend to keep going, stay tuned to see if the other Bledsoe has any clapback for this.