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2018 NBA Mock Draft 7.0: Projecting All 60 Picks After Suns' Landmark Lottery Win

With the lottery in the books, we finally have the official order for June's NBA draft. The Suns land the No. 1 pick for the first time in history and finally get a chance to exhale.

The Phoenix Suns got a chance to exhale on Tuesday night, as this year’s oft-anticlimactic but ever-consequential draft lottery went down in Chicago for the first time. Phoenix capitalized on its 25% chance at No. 1, walking away with the top choice in hand and in control of the draft for the first time in franchise history.

There were larger frowns to be had in Memphis and Dallas, and a massive win for Sacramento, there were ping pong balls behind closed doors, and there was an awkwardly-staged shared Boston-Philly podium (which thankfully led to nothing surprising as the Celtics threatened to take the Sixers’ pick).

With the draft combine taking place the rest of this week and another month or so until the Suns are on the clock, the big painting is far from complete. To force that analogy a step further than necessary, at least we now have a frame. Below you‘ll find a fully updated mock draft, including all 60 selections.

As always, this mock draft serves to assess what the big picture looks like on a given day, whereas our Big Board serves as the Front Office’s own assessment of available talent. Below, you’ll find projections for all 60 picks, with the draft lottery set in order of odds. Last updated May 16.



Phoenix Suns

Suns: Deandre Ayton, C, Arizona | Fr.

Height: 7'0" | Weight: 260 pounds | Age: 19 | Last Mock: 1
Stats: 20.1 PPG, 11.6 RPG, 61.2% FG

The Suns entered with top odds and left with the top pick, putting them in the catbird’s seat and giving them a chance to draft a franchise center. Ayton, who’s already based locally in Phoenix, remains the frontrunner to go first. Ayton has elite physical traits, a developing inside-out skill set, and a superstar ceiling if all goes according to plan, and he’ll immediately be one of the most athletic centers in the league. Phoenix is developing a youthful roster and conveniently has a hole at center, where Ayton would be able to step in immediately. He needs to improve defensively, but has all the tools to be a quality rim protector. The Suns’ hiring of head coach Igor Kokoskov, who coached Luka Doncic and the Slovenian national team to gold at last year’s Eurobasket, will make this an intriguing choice, but Ayton’s long-term potential should seal the deal.


Sacramento Kings

Kings: Luka Doncic, G, Real Madrid

Height: 6'8" | Weight: 220 | Age: 19 | Last: 2
Stats (all competitions): 14.8 PPG, 4.8 RPG, 4.5 APG

Sacramento was the night’s big winner, landing their highest draft choice since 1989 and leapfrogging to No. 2 with the seventh-best draft odds. They’ll have a chance at whoever the Suns pass on and would be extremely well-off with Doncic, who would pair with De’Aaron Fox to give the Kings two talented young shot-creators. Scouts rave about Doncic’s basketball aptitude, and his playmaking ability and remarkably advanced game for age 19 will enable him to succeed. The biggest knock on him is explosiveness, and given that, he’d actually benefit from being able to play off of Fox. He could be the glue that ties the Kings’ pieces together.


Atlanta Hawks

Hawks: Jaren Jackson Jr., C, Michigan State | Fr.

Height: 6'11" | Weight: 240 | Age: 18 | Last: 3
Stats: 10.9 PPG, 5.8 RPG, 3.0 BPG

The Hawks leapfrogged one spot to No. 3, which ironically comes after they lost a tiebreaker with the Mavericks for third-best odds. The move will likely give them their choice of big men. Atlanta already has John Collins in place as an athletic, rim-running big, and while this will be close between Jackson and Marvin Bagley, the former’s skill set is a better complement. Jackson is extremely young for his class, and while he’s not as offensively polished or ready for the NBA, he possesses a critical duality for modern bigs: he can step out and shoot from outside, while also defending in space and protecting the rim. Jackson needs to mature physically and mentally before he can become a mainstay, but has improved at a rapid rate over the last couple years. Atlanta has time to let him grow.


Memphis Grizzlies

Grizzlies: Marvin Bagley III, F/C, Duke | Fr.

Height: 6'10" | Weight: 235 | Age: 19 | Last: 5
Stats: 21.0 PPG, 11.1 RPG, 61.4% FG

The lottery results hit Memphis the hardest, dropping them two spots in the draft sequence at a key juncture for the franchise following a down year. The Grizzlies will still be able to find a quality prospect here, and Bagley is the most attractive guy in this slot. He’s extremely productive as a rebounder, manufactures easy baskets and has enough of a skill level that he could eventually help stretch the floor as a four-man as he grows. He has major strides to make defensively and in expanding his offensive skill set, but does plenty of things well at this stage and should be able to help the Grizzlies with his energy. At his peak, he could be a nightly double-double without requiring heavy touches.


Dallas Mavericks

 Mavericks: Mohamed Bamba, C, Texas| Fr.

Height: 7'0" | Weight: 225 | Age: 19 | Last: 4
Stats: 12.9 PPG, 10.5 RPG, 3.7 BPG

Dallas needs to fill a long-term void in its frontcourt, and despite dropping a couple of spots will still have an opportunity to do that with this selection. Bamba’s high-end defensive potential makes him a worthwhile player to invest resources in long-term. Much will be made of his 7’9” wingspan and 9’6” standing reach, and some think he’s agile enough to eventually defend in space. His offensive game is rudimentary, but his skill level continues to improve and he may be able to space the floor in time. Chief concerns from NBA teams have centered on his competitiveness, which he can help address during the pre-draft process. He should thrive in interviews and workouts.


Orlando Magic

Magic: Wendell Carter, C, Duke | Fr.

Height: 6'10" | Weight: 260 | Age: 19 | Last: 7
Stats: 13.5 PPG, 9.1 RPG, 2.1 BPG

For the second year in a row the Magic will pick at No. 6, dropping a spot after the Kings’ lucky draw. Orlando will be looking for the best player on the board, and at this stage it’s Carter. The Duke big man was often overshadowed by Bagley, but isn’t far behind him as a player, viewed by many scouts as a bankable player who should be able to stick around the league for a long time as a quality starter. He brings a nice mix of talent and intangibles, with his main knocks being a lack of elite vertical lift. Carter has good size, great hands, rebounds the ball well and will be able to play inside-out. He presents both safety and upside here.


Chicago Bulls

Bulls: Michael Porter Jr., SF, Missouri | Fr.

Height: 6'10" | Weight: 215 | Age: 19 | Last: 6
Stats (2016 U18 FIBA Americas): 15.8 PPG, 5.6 RPG, 2.4 APG

Porter’s health situation remains a bit cloudy, but his range will remain in the mid-to-late lottery provided his medicals check out passably. His ability to score the ball could be a long-term boost for Chicago, who successfully got more out of Kris Dunn at the point this season and have a greater need to fill on the wing. Much will hang on how Porter’s camp handles the predraft process, and it’s still not clear where he stands after missing almost the entire season following back surgery. Missouri may have rushed him back. Teams will have to take that into account, but Porter is the best long-term prospect on the board here based on talent.