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Elfrid Payton Chopped Off His Trademark Hair

Say goodbye to the NBA’s most interesting haircut. 

Ever since he entered the NBA in 2014, Elfrid Payton has always been “the guy with the hair.” His hair has gone through several evolutions, most recently as some very avant garde bangs.


Last month, an Orlando barber posted a photo of himself holding some very familiar looking clumps of hair, leading to speculation that Payton had chopped off his trademark locks.

It turns out he really did. Payton posted a selfie on his Instagram story on Friday showing his new look. 

While he won’t be as recognizable with the more orthodox look, it could help him on the court. Back in January, before he got traded to the Suns, Payton actually airballed a shot in the lane because his hair flopped in front of his eyes and blinded him.