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Look: The Best and Worst Outfits From the 2018 NBA Draft

Some players use the NBA draft to show off just how good their suit game is while others just want to show off their creativity.

The NBA draft has always been a time for the players who are getting selected to show off their sense of fashion.

Whether it's a suit that screams swagger or an outfit that hints to where the player grew up, the NBA draft is always good for at least a few interesting clothes choices to say the least.

So naturally, after a season filled with players make bold statements through their pregame attire, the incoming draftees also had to show they belong through their suits.

Below are pictures of some of the most notable outfits from this year's draft attendees, and we'll let you decide on which suits look good and which ones you would never wear because there is no chance you could pull it off.

Let's hope that these guys keep this same energy through their first year in the league.