Watch: Steph Curry Jumps Into Lake Tahoe After Losing to Father in Golf

Steph was having a blast at the American Century Championships on Sunday.
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When he's not draining threes on the court, Steph Curry is busy outgolfing his competition. But even the three-time NBA champion loses sometimes.

At the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe this weekend, Curry made a bet with his father, Dell. The price? The loser had to jump in the lake.

Even though Curry finished in 11th place and his father finished in 30th, Steph lost the bet with Dell, who told his son he would trail by fewer than 20 points at the end of the tournament. Steph scored 50 points, while Dell scored 32.

To his credit, Steph kept true to his word, taking the plunge into Lake Tahoe.

Watch the video below.

It seems like Steph enjoyed the dip after a long round of golf, so maybe we shouldn't feel too bad for him. Regardless, he showed off why he's considered one of the better golfers in the NBA.

Tony Romo won the event, followed by Mark Mulder, Joe Pavelski and fellow NBA sharpshooter Ray Allen.