Hawks Slash Concession Prices to More ‘Fan Friendly’ Levels

Items cost as little as $1. 
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Fans in one NBA city won’t be breaking the bank to eat and drink at the arena any longer. 

The Hawks announced a new concession pricing structure on Thursday that offers 16 items for no more than $5 each. The prices are more akin to what you’d see at a convience store: $1 for chips, $2 for bottled water, $3 for a hot dog. For just $4, fans can get a soda or popcorn that includes unlimited refills. 

The Hawks are actually the second team in Atlanta to try this sort of thing. When the Falcons’ new stadium opened last season, the team raised eyebrows by becoming the first franchise to not charge an arm and a leg for food and drink. Just like the Hawks, the most popular items at Mercedes-Benz Stadium cost $5 or less. The Ravens also followed suit, announcing in May that concession prices would be decreasing by as much as 53%. 

As the ever improving in-home viewing experience makes it more tempting for fans to watch games from the comfort of their couch, teams may be forced to come up with more creative ways to lure fans into stadiums. Pricing concessions reasonably is certainly one way to do it. Fans will surely hope this trend begins to spread.