Fultz looks to have worked past his mechanical issues from last season.

By Michael Shapiro
September 20, 2018

Markelle Fultz' jumper looks as good as new. After appearing in just 14 games last season while sporting a strange hitch in his shot due to a shoulder injury, the 2017 No. 1 pick displayed a smooth stroke in a video for The Players' Tribune on Thursday morning.

The Washington product's shoulder troubles was one of the NBA's major mysteries last season. Fultz sat out five months after appearing in the season's first four games while trying to not only regain strength in his shoulder, but also overcome a case of the "the yips" per Fultz' trainer Drew Hanlen. 

But the yips look to be in the rearview mirror based on Thursday's video. If Fultz can regain his form from college, he could become a valuable third piece alongside Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. 

Watch Fultz' new jumper in action below:

"People didn't really understand, they thought like, 'Man, he's just being soft,'" Fultz told The Player's Tribune. "But I mean it was really an injury. And now I got a chance to sit down and pick apart all these doctors. We figured it out, and I been back to work this summer. And everything's back to even better than what it was."

Fultz averaged 7.1 points per game in 14 appearances last season. He registered just one three-point attempt. In his freshman season at Washington, Fultz tallied 23.2 points per game, shooting 41.3% from beyond the arc. 

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