Watch: Steve Kerr Decries Gun Violence After Pittsburgh Shooting, Urges Voting in Midterms

Kerr discussed concern over recent bomb scares on Friday. 
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Warriors head coach Steve Kerr turned to politics in his pregame meeting with the media on Sunday, discussing the state of the nation's psyche in the wake of Saturday's shooting in Pittsburgh. 

"It's easy to feel how broken we are as a country right now," Kerr told the media at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. "Everybody can have influence, not just our political leaders, but people who are either well-known figures who have the camera in their face a lot, or average citizens being kinder to each other."

Kerr implored citizens to take part in the upcoming midterm elections, and he did not shy away from politics, either. The fifth-year head coach said he will "vote for any candidate that will stand up to the NRA," voicing his concern over gun violence in America. 

Watch Kerr's full comments below. 

Kerr hasn't been hesitant to discuss politics in the past. He has criticized President Trump numeroustimes and is an active political voice on Twitter

The Warriors face the Nets tonight, looking to win their fourth straight. The matchup is slated to begin at 5:00 p.m. ET.