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Russell Westbrook, Patrick Beverley Continue Feud; Receive Double Technical Fouls

Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley get into it again, drawing technical fouls and police to court
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The feud between Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley continued on Tuesday night after each received technical fouls, with Beverley getting a flagrant one foul and cops being brought unto the court to help separate the two.

In the middle of the fourth quarter during Oklahoma City's 128-110 win over the Los Angeles Clippers, went Beverley went for a loose ball that Westbrook already had and ended up diving into Westbrook's knees.

A timeout was immediately called by Thunder head coach Billy Donovan in an attempt to calm the situation down.

Instead of going to his team's bench, Westbrook hung around the Clippers bench to bechance words with Beverley, prompting police to step onto the court to keep the peace.

Beverley tried to explain his position after the game.

"I went for a loose ball. What you think happened?" Beverley said. "Somebody walked to our bench doing all that cappin' stuff; I don't know what that is. Walked to our bench doing this, and all that, and things went kind of haywire from there. Two competitors, no one's going to back down, no one did, two technicals, continue playing."

"I have no comment on it," Westbrook added. "I just know that we won."

Of course, the two players have a history going back to the 2013 season.

During the first round of the NBA playoffs between Oklahoma City and Beverley's previous team, the Houston Rockets, Westbrook suffered a torn meniscus after Beverley ran into his right knee trying to make a steal attempt after Westbrook had called a timeout.