Ranking the NBA's Newly-Released 'City Edition' Jerseys

Which NBA team has the best City Edition uniform design? 
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The NBA has released 11 of their 2018-19 "City Edition" uniforms as of Tuesdat afternoon, beginning with the 76ers on Oct. 30. Some teams opted to be brash and eschew their entire color scheme, while others played it safe, opting for a singular color change or monochromatic thread.

So who leads the pack among the nine City Edition jerseys released so far? Check out our (very scientific) ranking, which we'll update as more teams release their uniforms. 

18. Detroit Pistons

The faded gray stripe is a nice allusion to Detroit's auto industry, but these uniforms, like watching the Pistons without Blake Griffin, is as boring as you can get.

17. Orlando Magic

Orlando deserves props for the star-dusted sides, which pairs well with the shooting-star logo. Other than that, there's not much to love or get excited about. 

16. Washington Wizards

Much like watching the Wizards this year, these are a bit of an eyesore. There's little creativity to be found, and the thick white stripe on the sides looks like a design from a past era. The same can be said for Dwight Howard, but two cheap shots at the Wizards could be piling on. "The district" is a fine nickname, but it's a shame they won't revive the Bullets-era jerseys. Doesn't look like significant time was put into these. 

15. Charlotte Hornets

I consider any Hornets jersey without the old-school teal to be a personal affront, so there's little use for these bleak uniforms. Perhaps the Hornets are trying to intimidate opposing teams with a darker look, but that's hard to pull off with Frank Kaminsky and Cody Zeller patrolling the paint. 

14. Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavs' season has largely been a disaster without LeBron James, and these jerseys won't help Cleveland's cause. The orange and blue are assumed to be homage to a pre-LeBron era in Cleveland, but the jagged separation in the middle is just plain strange. Perhaps it's attempting to match the Firestone branding in the top corner, but it's a swing-and-a-miss regardless. Similar to the 2018-19 Cavs, these jerseys should go back to the drawing board. 

13. Portland Trail Blazers

These City jerseys have some nice elements, but they run too close in style to last year's iteration. The diagonal line is a bit out of place, too. Biggest props here are for the use of "rip city" which continues to be one of the best nicknames in the NBA.  

12. Brooklyn Nets

The Nets should have gone further here and nixed the black and white template altogether. However, Brookyn's uniform evolution will never be truly complete until it completes its Swamp Dragons destiny.

11. Milwaukee Bucks

I'm all in the "MECCA" court Milwaukee revived last year. The pattern and color scheme are like nothing you see on an NBA floor these days, not to mention the peculiar lettering around midcourt. But for as inspired as the MECCA court is, these jerseys feel timid. Aside from the color scheme, there's no true tribute to the famous court in these jerseys. Using the diamond at midcourt could have helped matters, a font re-creation could, too. Props to Milwaukee for harkening back to their stylistic heyday, but these threads don't go far enough.

10. Indiana Pacers

The faded yellow lettering plays well with the light gray here, and the numbers are sleek, too. The side of the jerseys are better executed than Washington's, with the yellow lines as a nice antidote to the pure navy. Nothing particulary imaginative here, but aesthetically pleasing nonetheless. 

9. Memphis Grizzlies

Gray as a lead jersey color can often result in a drab look, yet these feel fresh and tasteful, relating well to the Grizzlies' "grit 'n grind" mentality. The gold pops behind the background and the tribute to the city's famous wrestling culture will appeal to a segment of the fans. One day the Grizzlies will channel their Vancouver past, but until then, these will work just fine.

8. Chicago Bulls

The black plays well off the teal and the four stars are a nice allusion to the city's history. Chicago often has the cleanest threads in the league and this is no different.  

7. Oklahoma City Thunder

Finally, a team isn't afraid to embrace some color. The Thunder have had a garishjersey past, making these a significant step in the right direction. Props for embracing Oklahoma's heritage, with tasteful nods in the lettering and choice of turquoise. These uniforms should pair well with the Thunder's court, too.  

6. Sacramento Kings

The Kings would be well served to shift from their standard purple digs and move to these powder blues, a strong color on any sports franchise. Sactown is a quality nickname, and one would assume these jerseys will prompt Sacramento to unleash one of the best court designs in the league. The Kings are trying to find a new identity, and a jersey change like this could help. 

5. Houston Rockets 

I'm always a fan of Houston's Chinese jerseys, and this year's crop goes above the simple lettering change. The whispy-clouds background adds an elegant touch, and gray is the right move with a red background. Not a lot of flash here, but a quality design with a continued dedication to the team's large international fanbase. 

4. Philadelphia 76ers

Gray can certainly be a risk, but the 76ers' use looks more like a thoughtful decision than a lazy settle. Philly's jersey looks cut from the same cloth as a Rocky Balboa's sweats, and the 13 stars add a nice reference to the nation's founding. Big props for the red-white-and-blue waistband.

3. Minnesota Timberwolves

The boldest creation yet, Minnesota pays a near-perfect tribute to Prince with their "Purple Rain" jerseys. It's completely outside Minnesota's traditional color scheme—something more teams should do—and black is the correct choice to pair with the purple. My only gripe: The jersey edges come off a bit pink. A darker shade of purple could have served Minnesota well.

2. Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets unfortunately moved on from their powder blue jerseys this year, so it's only right they reward us with the best City jerseys to date. This design is beautiful. The rainbow colors harkens to the team's past, while the small white space between the colored bars makes for a cleaner look than in prior iterations. Add in the homage to the Rocky Mountains and Denver's skyline, and you have a strong contender for the top City jersey of 2018-19.

1. Miami Heat

The Heat's Miami Vice uniforms were revelaed to much fanfare last season, and they're now back and better than ever. The luminous blue and pink are once again a perfect ode to the famous show, as is the sleek font. This year's black background is the icing on the cake. The Heat's jerseys are a fitting match with the city's electric vibe, with bright neon cast against the darkness. Expect to see plenty of Dwyane Wade Miami Vice jerseys around South Beach this winter.