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Video: Grizzlies mascot botches wrestling stunt in dramatic fashion

It was a TLC match in Memphis. 

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The Grizzlies were eliminated from the playoffs on Thursday but they went out with a bang. 

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Down 3–2 in the series, the team attempted to turn the tide by inviting pro wrestling legends Jerry Lawler and Buff Bagwell to the game. Lawler, a Memphis native, was obviously the fan favorite, while Bagwell played the heel role and came to the aid of a Spurs fan with a steel chair

The highlight of the night, though, was definitely when the Memphis mascot, Grizz, attempted to send the aforementioned Spurs fan through a table. 

Oh man, that’s quite the bump. Here’s another angle. 

We might expect to see Grizz in WWE soon, since he also pulled off a flawless chokeslam through a table last week.