Kobe Bryant on MJ vs. LeBron GOAT Debate: 'Regular People Ask Very Simple Questions'

Bryant said asking whether he, LeBron or Michael is the greatest of all time is an "immature" question.
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Kobe Bryant believes fans still debating whether he, LeBron James or Michael Jordan is the greatest NBA player of all-time are asking "immature" questions.

In a conversation on Barstool Sports "The Corp" Podcast, Bryant was asked by Dan Katz (Big Cat) who he believed was better.

"See, that's the type of immature question people are asking," Bryant said laughing. "I know this is what regular fans talk about."

When Katz pressed and asked if his non-answer meant he believed he was the greatest, Bryant added, "What I'm saying is regular people ask really simple questions."

Katz, a Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan fan, took a moment to remind Bryant that James has as many losses in the NBA finals (6) as Jordan has wins. 

"I don't care," Bryant said and refused to partake in the debate.

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Bryant has never been a fan of the discussions comparing the three NBA greats to each other. Before James' 2018 Finals appearance against the Warriors, Bryant reiterated his position by asking fans to "enjoy one without tearing one down."

James holds a host of NBA achievements including three championships, three Finals MVP awards, four MVP awards and 14 All-Star appearances. He has also been to nine NBA Finals – winning three and losing six. Jordan finished his 15-year NBA career with six championships, six Finals MVP awards, five league MVPs and 14 All-Star appearances.

Bryant, who is deemed No. 3 to many in the debate, ended his career with five championships, two Finals MVPs, one league MVP award and 18 All-Star appearances.

After being swept by the Warriors in last year's Finals, James signed a four-year, $154 million contract with Bryants' former Lakers team in July. On The Corp, Bryant was asked whether he's witnessed fans reluctant to embrace James in Los Angeles.

"My impact on this organization is to look forward," Bryant said. "If I have taught this fan base anything, it's that we want excellence. We want championships. And it's about the purple and gold. It's not about one player. I came in here with Magic, and Magic embraced me with open arms, as did Kareem and Worthy and everybody else. It's our responsibility to do the same thing for the next generation that comes in, and I take that stuff dead seriously."

The 2018 Lakers are now 16–10 after starting the season 2–5. James and the Lakers next play Miami on Monday at 7:30 p.m. ET.