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Watch: Bats Invade Spurs-Nets Game in San Antonio

Thursday night's game was delayed as arena officials attempted to round up multiple bats.

Bats invaded AT&T Center in San Antonio on Thursday night during the first quarter of the Spurs game against the Nets. Play stopped for a few minutes as security guards took the court to try and catch the flying creatures with nets (fitting, ha!).

Multiple bats flew around the arena before being rounded up so the game could continue.

After the bats attacked, fans started chanting long-time Spurs forward Manu Ginobili's name. Ginobili once swatted a bat out of midair so play could resume during a 2009 game against the Kings. 

Ginobili's youngest son wasn't yet in on the joke about his dad when he asked to be a bat for Halloween in 2017.

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