LeBron James and the Lakers suffered their second-straight road loss on Monday, losing 110-105 to a poor Grizzlies squad.

After the Lakers' loss to the Pelicans on Saturday, James questioned the experience of the team to qualify for the postseason. 

Despite Monday's loss, James had a good night, breaking records and becoming the first person in NBA history to be in the top-10 all-time list for points and assists.  

After the game, LeBron was asked if the continuing speculation about the Lakers' playoff chances was affecting his team and was very blunt in his answer. 

"No. At this point, if you’re still allowing distractions to affect the way you play, this is the wrong franchise to be a part of and you should just come in and be like, 'Listen, I can’t do this.'"

He went on to say that the Lakers just need to come in and continue to do their jobs and that every game players should want to feel like they're "fighting for something." 

The Lakers are currently 11th in the West and their next game comes against the Pelicans on Wednesday.