Watch: Somehow, This Jump Shot Set the Guinness Record for Most Threes in a Minute

How many straight threes would this guy have to make before you respected his shot in a pick-up game?
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Have you ever seen somebody shoot a jump shot during a basketball game and think, "Wow. So you're one of the 15 people in the world with a jumper uglier than Shawn Marion's?"

Now imagine that person is shooting lights out and making defenders feel like bums cause they don't want to close out hard on somebody with an unconventional form.

That's probably what happens whenever Anthony Miracola plays new people for the first time.

On Tuesday, Miracola posted a video on his YouTube channel where he proceeds to show the world that despite shooting the ball from his shoulder, he can't miss. He set the Guinness World Record for most NBA three-pointers in a minute when he connected on 31 consecutive tries. The previous record was 26.

So when this guy shows up at your local pick-up run, make sure somebody sticks him once he gets over half. The form might not be as pretty as Steph Curry's but it's somehow nearly as effective.