The Bulls-Sixers matchup was restarted with 0.5 remaining, but Porter was already in the locker room taking a drug test when players returned to the court.

By Kaelen Jones
March 06, 2019

The United Center was already nearly emptied when referees determined that there was still 0.5 seconds remaining in Wednesday's contest between the 76ers and Bulls. The game clock had inadvertently started during Philadelphia's final possession, and referees determined it would get a second chance to get off a go-ahead basket, following review.

Players from both teams had already hit the locker room. Most re-emerged for the game's final play. Except for Chicago's Otto Porter, who had been summoned for a postgame drug test. By the time his teammates had gone back out to the court, Porter wasn't able to join them.

"I was in mid-stride," Porter told reporters. "I couldn't stop."

Luckily for Porter, the Sixers were unable to even get up an attempt on the final play of regulation. Philadelphia forward Jimmy Butler mishandled an inbound pass near the top of the three-point arc, securing a 108–107 victory for the Bulls.

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