Charles Barkley Wants LeBron on TNT During the Playoffs Since He Has ‘Nothing Else to Do’

“You got nothing else to do,” Barkley explained. 
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It’s nearly a certainty that this year’s NBA postseason will be the first one since 2005 that doesn’t feature LeBron James. The Lakers’ chances of qualifying for the playoffs are less than 0.1%, according to Basketball-Reference. It will be weird for basketball fans to turn on their televisions in May and June and not see this generation’s most impressive player. Perhaps that’s why Charles Barkley extended an invitation to LeBron to come on Inside the NBA

“He ain’t got nothing else to do!” Barkley explained when Shaquille O’Neal objected. 

Shaq countered with a better offer. All LeBron has to do is send Shaq some money he’ll beat Chuck up. 

“LeBron, you have my number,” Shaq said. “Shoot me a text, I’ll send you my bank account number. If you want me to knock him out for you, just let me know.”

Can’t we just let LeBron rest for once? Since 2011, he’s played 168 games in the postseason (an average of 21 extra games per year) while playing an average of 41.4 minutes per game. That’s a lot of basketball. He deserves to sit in front of his TV and watch these games with a glass of wine.